Strange Acquaintances

I finally got around to cranking out some more portfolio-worthy stuff. This is the first of a series of character design pieces– fingers crossed that I stay motivated– that I hope to produce in the next few weeks. My inspiration? Not sure, but I know I’ve alway had an affinity for odd-looking old men (See Villainous Villiam) and I’d like to see if I can manage a few variations on a theme.

I would show the work in progress, but for better or for worse I normally bang these things out in one go, so this is what I have. As you may have read in my blog post, his name is Mr. Ramdu.


Medium: Strathmore toned grey sketch paper, 2b mechanical pencil, a couple of prismacolor markers, a Permopaque white marker, and of course Photoshop.




3 thoughts on “Strange Acquaintances

  1. Hm. My dopppleganger’s a comic artist. Wife’s gonna love this, especially since we’re working on a comic.

    Pleasure to make your acquaintance 🙂

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