Alzheimer’s Association

Since December, I’ve been volunteering with the marketing department of the Alzheimer’s Association for Oregon and Southwest Washington. In this role I’ve been able to play to my strengths while gaining experience creating content aimed more specifically for digital and social media channels.

Below is a typical Alzheimer’s Association Volunteer, featured as part of an Instagram story that I designed.

Below, a custom image series for use on social media. The aim here was to introduce the Alzheimer’s Association and its mission, and to encourage engagement and participation.

Another graphic series, this time focusing more on photographic elements. These ones were intended for use as simple visual elements accompanying facebook posts.

Have you loved your brain today? June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness month, so I illustrated a series of ten handy brain health tips that were featured all month on the Alzheimer’s Association’s official Instagram account.

Lastly, a series of T-shirt submissions for The Longest Day, a national fundraising drive organized every year to benefit Alzheimer’s research.

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