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Thanks for visiting my page. My name is Peter, I’m a freelance lllustrator and designer, and I’ve been sketching and drawing as long as I could hold a pencil straight. I was homeschooled growing up, attended a small private art school, and in 2013 I graduated from Portland Community College with an associate’s degree in graphic design. Currently I work in healthcare, but I have three designs internships and extensive freelance experience under my belt, and am actively seeking out opportunities for further growth. I’m open to commissions and gigs, and would encourage anyone interested to drop me a line through the “Contact me” form.

Aesthetics have always been one of my biggest obsessions. Although it means different things to different people, my personal understanding of beauty is best summed up by William Hogarth, the author of the 18th-century treatise The Analysis of Beauty. In this work he lays out a series of aesthetic observations similar to today’s Gestalt principles, the chief being that beauty can be found in the flowing, serpentine line. Virtually every life form on earth possesses this quality, and thus I feel that it comes as close as anything to forming a common touchstone of beauty for all people, regardless of personal taste.

Beyond this principle, I draw inspiration from the past one hundred and fifty years, the Belle Epoque period (1900-1914) in general and the Vienna Secession in particular. Some of the most wonderful expressions of Hogarth’s principles can be found in this brief outpouring of creativity, with tradition and innovation complimenting each other in ways that haven’t been seen since.

My ultimate goal is to draw upon the spirit and traditions of the past to communicate simple beauty to regular people everywhere.


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