Drink-and-Draw sketches

For a change of pace, I went out the local drink-and-draw the other night. My normal sketchpad was temporarily MIA at the time, so I ended up breaking out my toned paper to great effect. I ought to use this more often , , , ,



Sketchbook update

Just a couple more sketches. I used sepia gouache for highlights, but it doesn’t show up so well . . .


White on Black



Another one from the vaults! I haven’t been drawing as much as I ought to be lately, so here’s an  old Illustration assignment from my Graphic Design classes last year. Its a scratchbord etching, scratchbord being a white clay tile with a thin layer of black clay on top. Considering that this and everything else in the scratching/etching family is aesthetically my least favorite medium, I’m quite happy with how it came out; all I can say is that It certainly pays to have a light touch . . . LITp239SBP9027