Pattern No. 5


Wednesday Tango

A pair of social media posts I designed for a weekly tango event.

My first piece. With the photos I had available, I decided to try for a slightly off-kilter, midcentury look.
Version one. I couldn’t bear to obscure the beautiful composition of BMH Multimedia‘s photo, so I initially featured it as a standalone piece, with the text and date in their own boxes below.
My client also asked me produce another version with brighter colors and a more integrated text. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a hold of the original image, so despite the beauty of the compostion, the quality is a bit low.

Wallpaper patterns

Ever since my wrapping paper project in school, I’ve wanted to have another shot at designing patterns. I find this niche to the perfect combination of structure and infinite possibilities, and it gives me a creative goal when I’m not feeling inspired. Even something relatively simple can be made to look mesmerizing if arranged properly.

Dulamára Seaweed

An ongoing packaging and branding project for Dulamára, a local business that specializes in natural seaweed-based hair products.

As usual, it started with a sketch. My client wanted a classical female profile to set his product apart from the crowd.
The product label . . .
. . . and here, as it appears on the finished product.

Cosmic Blouses

I’ve decided to buckle down and start making more use of references, and so far I’m delighted with the overall quality. Less time spent having to create images from scratch, and more time to focus on my main passions: technique and line quality. Will definitely be making a habit of this.