City View

Cityscapes have been a long standing gap in my range of skills, partially because they take a lot more planning and references then just a quick character sketch. Perspective and scale has to be applied, windows have to align, and foreground, middle-ground, background, and all that good stuff has to be accounted for. Although it definitely taxed my patience at times, I feel my efforts paid off handsomely in this case, with the line-based, monotone style successfully evoking the midcentury look that I was going for. Next time around I’ll be adding higher contrast to the colored shadows, more detail, and maybe even some human figures. To be continued . . .

San Pugliese

For Portland Tango Festival 2019, I was commissioned to create a promotional T-shirt featuring a famous tango composer. The choice was clear from the start; Osvaldo Pugliese. Not only is he a towering figure in tango history , with both a famous and distinct likeness, but he also bears the nickname “San Pugliese,” which is just asking for a caricature! I went ahead with an vintage style in order to evoke the golden age of Argentine Tango, plus a bright but limited palette to make it pop against the black material. A true success.

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