Villainous Villiam

In many classic villains, there’s a sense of torment or inner conflict– a humanizing element that makes them more compelling to the audience.

Not so in Villainous Villiam . . . VillanousVilliam.jpg

This dastardly character takes an almost childlike delight in cruel and malevolent deeds. Not as shred of doubt exists in his mind that diabolical wickedness is not only fun and profitable, but that everyone should try it!

Be it kidnapping busty maidens, laughing at fat children, or gleefully stomping on flowers that have been watered by the tears of suffering widows, our Villy is living proof of what happens when you don’t go to church. Don’t be like him, folks!


A Grand and Sublime Ottoman Sultan, majestically relaxing with his hookah on a nice mound of silk cushions. There’s probably an empty plate of Turkish delight just out sight, as this particular potentate is clearly very fond of The Good Things.

Perhaps he’s planning his next glorious conquest? The Venetians have been getting uppity as of late. Also, there’re some new concubines to be seen to, and some selections of sufi mysticism to be read and contemplated, and who knows what other aspects of very important business to address. But for now, its time to relax . . .