Portfolio work — the Dynasty Trilogy

Portfolio work -- the Dynasty Trilogy

This is series of book covers I designed for my Graphic Design portfolio class. No actual story to go with them, sadly– just a vague “Hero’s journey” premise. Fairly simple to produce, too– like much of my other stuff, I simply Bitmap’d an inked drawing, created different colored “plates” on separate Photoshop documents, and then overlaid them to get that cool lithographed look.

IMG_0674 IMG_0680 IMG_0682

Formosa Girl




One of my favorite projects. I did the original one over a weekend, after learning I was way behind on one of my class projects. For my portfolio class I added two more to make a set, with color and pattern variations.

Formosa was a vintage fashion line for the sake of the project, but for me its a reference to an aesthetic paradise where everyone dresses well. ( see the link on my homepage. )