Free speech

A draft for an upcoming essay collection due to be published soon by a friend of mine. It didn’t make the cut, but I’m very happy with the laurel wreath; creating it, however, was easier said than done, even with a symmetry guide. There’s a reason so many designers rip off the United Nations wreath and hope nobody notices! It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a mathematical formula for creating perfectly-aligned laurel leaves for this, but I’ve yet to find it . . .

Timber LOOP

My first corporate client! I had the unexpected pleasure of being recruited by a local studio to help with an illustration project for Timber Loop, a new service from Timberland Boots intended to help keep their products out of landfills. I executed the Infinity-loop graphic showing the boots at the various stages of disassembly and/or repair. You can view the full page here.

The Orb

Continuing the theme of vector line art against black. What I love about the orb as an article of royal regalia is the inherent minimalism. The top two quadrants represented Europe and Asia respectively, with the bottom half representing Africa– the only known continents at the time, with a cross naturally placed atop the whole business. I’m exceptionally proud of how this one turned out, both in terms of technique and atmosphere.