Ask any wedding photographer; There will always, always be an appeal to pensive ladies swimming in yards of tule and satin. I originally gave this a very delicate watercolor treatment –see where the blue is–  but the scanner lost most of it. I’ve been slowly weaning myself onto photoshop, despite my dinosaur tendencies, and although I’ll never fully embrace the medium, I’m pleased with how realistic the chalk/pastel effect turned out to be.

gowngirl copy

Pretty in Black

formal girl
Definitely a successful piece! I’m very happy with the contrast between the fine, precise lines of of the figure and the more abstract shapes that form her dress. Now, if I could only get this kind of result every time . . ..

Snow Garden

Snow Garden

Another portfolio-related piece. This was to be the poster for a vinyl record set I designed for a fictitious music group called Snow Garden. The girl is loosely based on Snegurochka, the snow maiden of Russian folklore. I’m not sure if she normally dumps wintery wind out of a cup, but it works quite nicely for the ambience.

Formosa Girl




One of my favorite projects. I did the original one over a weekend, after learning I was way behind on one of my class projects. For my portfolio class I added two more to make a set, with color and pattern variations.

Formosa was a vintage fashion line for the sake of the project, but for me its a reference to an aesthetic paradise where everyone dresses well. ( see the link on my homepage. )