Glamour with Colors

I dug this lovely face out of my drawer of past projects. Pieces like this always remind me of the beauty of shapes and colors, in addition to just lines. Its a style worth perfecting . . .


Pretty in Black

formal girl
Definitely a successful piece! I’m very happy with the contrast between the fine, precise lines of of the figure and the more abstract shapes that form her dress. Now, if I could only get this kind of result every time . . ..

Blue Devil Jeans

Some of you may have noticed my Portfolio page remains under construction– due, it so happens, to a mix of blurry photos and several unsatisfactory projects still in need of replacement! While I work towards creating the Perfect Portfolio that Is Everything I Could Ever Want, here are a few snapshots of one my better projects, Blue DevilJeans.IMG_0446
IMG_0439 IMG_0420 IMG_0421

Before I reshoot this I plan on branding a pair of socks to go with them, so that our Blue Devil’s hooves won’t get chilly . . .

Japonisme profile

Japonisme profile

For this I drew inspiration from Japanese aesthetics, and I have to say, I’m quite pleased with the result; time and effort certainly pays off in the long run! I’m hoping to create more stuff in this delicious style, with minimal colors, and a flat effect. This was originally going to be a new logo for my page, but as these things go, It got too complex to be adequately reduce-able. That, and it looks nothing at all like me!



More dip pen goodness. . . . she wasn’t originally intended to look frazzled, but her hair came out messy and then everything else naturally had to match.