Trains as an analogy . . .

An visual analogy I created to illustrate my impression of male/female dimorphism. One is clunky and noisy, with exposed moving parts and an emphasis on utility . . . The other has all of this elegantly contained beneath a streamlined outer casing. 


That one frumpy mom . . . .

That one frumpy mom . . . .

For as long as I can remember, this has been the image that springs to mind when I hear the name Ruth; Bushy grey helmet-hair, receding chin, unflattering glasses, and only the finest in nineties fashion.

Strangely enough, I can’t identify a specific Ruth that inspired this image; its more a composite of various frumpy mothers I’ve met over the years, and somehow that name just stuck. Don’t fret though, lovely Ruth’s of the world– I have an even less flattering association with my own name! Stay tuned . . .

Inky Little Faces

Inky Little Faces

A full page of faces that I’ve been needing to post for a while now. I used a dip pen and india ink for the lines, and experimented a little more with ink wash for the shading.

Yes, they’re mostly bald, but hair is such a godawful pain. . . 😉