Rose Colored Glasses

This is actually an earlier sketch, with a bit of photoshop added. I decided to revisit it because it has more significance in relation to the rest of my illustration, as its main purpose is to convey emotion, rather than just to say “Hey, here’s a face I drew.” A wonderful piece to look at. I’d love to trace it and turn it into something more complete, but it would lose the sublime, spontaneous style that can only really happen in the moment.

that look copy copy.jpg

Glamour with Colors

I dug this lovely face out of my drawer of past projects. Pieces like this always remind me of the beauty of shapes and colors, in addition to just lines. Its a style worth perfecting . . .


The Fairer Sex

A girl in a hijab I saw texting at a coffee shop. She was so pretty and had such elegant lines that I found myself in a good mood for the rest of the evening. Despite what looks like an annoyed expression, I don’t think she noticed me drawing her. . . .
girl with bow
A little smudgy. but I’m happy with how this one turned out, despite the fact that she looks way younger than I intended.

White on Black



Another one from the vaults! I haven’t been drawing as much as I ought to be lately, so here’s an  old Illustration assignment from my Graphic Design classes last year. Its a scratchbord etching, scratchbord being a white clay tile with a thin layer of black clay on top. Considering that this and everything else in the scratching/etching family is aesthetically my least favorite medium, I’m quite happy with how it came out; all I can say is that It certainly pays to have a light touch . . . LITp239SBP9027