Blue Devil Jeans

Some of you may have noticed my Portfolio page remains under construction– due, it so happens, to a mix of blurry photos and several unsatisfactory projects still in need of replacement! While I work towards creating the Perfect Portfolio that Is Everything I Could Ever Want, here are a few snapshots of one my better projects, Blue DevilJeans.IMG_0446
IMG_0439 IMG_0420 IMG_0421

Before I reshoot this I plan on branding a pair of socks to go with them, so that our Blue Devil’s hooves won’t get chilly . . .

That one frumpy mom . . . .

That one frumpy mom . . . .

For as long as I can remember, this has been the image that springs to mind when I hear the name Ruth; Bushy grey helmet-hair, receding chin, unflattering glasses, and only the finest in nineties fashion.

Strangely enough, I can’t identify a specific Ruth that inspired this image; its more a composite of various frumpy mothers I’ve met over the years, and somehow that name just stuck. Don’t fret though, lovely Ruth’s of the world– I have an even less flattering association with my own name! Stay tuned . . .

Japonisme profile

Japonisme profile

For this I drew inspiration from Japanese aesthetics, and I have to say, I’m quite pleased with the result; time and effort certainly pays off in the long run! I’m hoping to create more stuff in this delicious style, with minimal colors, and a flat effect. This was originally going to be a new logo for my page, but as these things go, It got too complex to be adequately reduce-able. That, and it looks nothing at all like me!

Snow Garden

Snow Garden

Another portfolio-related piece. This was to be the poster for a vinyl record set I designed for a fictitious music group called Snow Garden. The girl is loosely based on Snegurochka, the snow maiden of Russian folklore. I’m not sure if she normally dumps wintery wind out of a cup, but it works quite nicely for the ambience.

Formosa Girl




One of my favorite projects. I did the original one over a weekend, after learning I was way behind on one of my class projects. For my portfolio class I added two more to make a set, with color and pattern variations.

Formosa was a vintage fashion line for the sake of the project, but for me its a reference to an aesthetic paradise where everyone dresses well. ( see the link on my homepage. )

A most splendid boot

A most splendid boot

I’m no fetishist, but as artist I’ve always had a fascination with these kind of boots. Its all in how they work with the natural S-curve of the leg, but at the same time give it that blocky, powerful, masculine quality. The shininess helps as well . . . Sharpie + whiteout marker