En Garde

A little something I started on the bus last night. Pencil sketch, colored quite successfully on photoshop, with the exception of his pants and his shako. The extra effort payed off in this case; he looks quite splendid, and in need of naught but a vicious enemy to skewer. 


The Stallion

This is probably the only time you’ll see examples of traced works on this blog. In my illustration class last year, we had to create an event banner using an illustration traced from a pre-existing image, using a dip pen:


The original is below. My idea was for a dressage show similar to the Lippizaner stallions, a photo of which I used as my reference. As you can see, I Russified the horseman a bit to suit my personal tastes; the Regency period was never my era of choice for uniforms. I even came up with a brief psuedo-history of an imagined Russian riding school– the loopy thing above the rider’s head on my version of Peter the Great’s royal monogram.

All in all though, It looks a bit like an engraving stolen from a book of Dover clip art! This particular version is unfinished, as I couldn’t find the original. I consider it a triumph of technique (This was my first time with a dip pen) but I could never get the damn thing to work satisfactorily with either the paper dimensions or the typography elements I had to include. Ah well . . .

lipizzaner stallion vienna



The Governor-General

The Governor-General

Here’s a Governor-General.

Not any particular one, just a random one all decked out in his finest Court uniform and cocked hat with plumes, looking just as splendid as a viceregal representative ought to. No more explanation is necessary, I think. . .

I used a white marker for the elaborate embroidery, although I think a dip pen and my trusty white india ink would have served me better.

A most splendid boot

A most splendid boot

I’m no fetishist, but as artist I’ve always had a fascination with these kind of boots. Its all in how they work with the natural S-curve of the leg, but at the same time give it that blocky, powerful, masculine quality. The shininess helps as well . . . Sharpie + whiteout marker