In honor of Valentine’s Day, my first venture into actual, honest-to-goodness smut.

This drawing took two days to complete, which makes it by far one of my more labor-intensive pieces. A lot possible variations were considered and experimented with, but in the end . . . simplicity is beauty.


Credit for pose reference goes to Sakky at SenshiStock.

4 thoughts on “Imogen

  1. not smutty enough peter… I think you can UP the smut level…just a thought 😛 ❤ ❤ ❤ Simone 😛

      1. Yep. I am already regretting my comment. 😛 No, I definitely do not have any suggestions. I am definitely not ‘dirty’ enough to have any suggestions… and I wholeheartedly refuse to stand in the way of your artistic creativity! I will, however, keep an eye out for any other, so called, ‘smutty’ images on your blog! Much love! ❤ Simone

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