Character Design: Mr. Ramdu

I’ve been feeling a bit blah and aimless in the artistic department as of late. Inspiration doesn’t come very easily and I’ve been wanting to add a new character design portfolio piece, so yesterday I sat down and forced myself to be spontaneous. I think I’ll call him Mr. Ramdu, and I’ll make him some friends so that he won’t be lonely. Nobody should have to dance alone, after all . . .


En Garde

A little something I started on the bus last night. Pencil sketch, colored quite successfully on photoshop, with the exception of his pants and his shako. The extra effort payed off in this case; he looks quite splendid, and in need of naught but a vicious enemy to skewer. 


Yet Another Neck Beard

Yet Another Neck Beard

Neck beards! It looks like I just can’t get enough of them! This was the result of a long afternoon of sketching at Powell’s Books. Be expecting more digital coloring such as this, although of course I’ll always prefer doing it by hand . . .



Faces with beards or other facial hair are always fun to draw. The lady in the middle seems a little bored by the whole thing though. Maybe she’s jealous because she can’t grow any herself?

The Jellybean Troll

The Jellybean Troll

“Come hither, dear people! Follow me, and I will lead you to my secret cave under yonder hill, where I keep a mountain of magickal jellybeans! You’ll have never tasted anything so delicious in your lives!”

“What? the stick? That’s, er. . . for, uh, stirring the jellybeans. Yes, that’s it. . . why?”