Doodle Day

I’ve been tired of not having anything new to post. Until inspiration hits me (hopefully very soon), here is the contents of my brain at the moment.

scatterbrain copy.jpg

Face time. . .

Face time. . .

More face doodles; my sketchbook is full of these sorts of things! I was having great fun experimenting with my dip pen, which I find I really need to use more often. Dealing with the ink is a bother, but the control you get over your line quality is second to none.
The girl on top is another attempt at drawing effortless looking windswept hair using watercolor . . . . more attempts to follow, no doubt.



Faces with beards or other facial hair are always fun to draw. The lady in the middle seems a little bored by the whole thing though. Maybe she’s jealous because she can’t grow any herself?