Ask any wedding photographer; There will always, always be an appeal to pensive ladies swimming in yards of tule and satin. I originally gave this a very delicate watercolor treatment –see where the blue is–  but the scanner lost most of it. I’ve been slowly weaning myself onto photoshop, despite my dinosaur tendencies, and although I’ll never fully embrace the medium, I’m pleased with how realistic the chalk/pastel effect turned out to be.

gowngirl copy

The Governor-General

The Governor-General

Here’s a Governor-General.

Not any particular one, just a random one all decked out in his finest Court uniform and cocked hat with plumes, looking just as splendid as a viceregal representative ought to. No more explanation is necessary, I think. . .

I used a white marker for the elaborate embroidery, although I think a dip pen and my trusty white india ink would have served me better.