It never hurts to Dress Up a little bit

WhitetieguyeditWords to live by. I’ve been nursing an urge for a while to draw a male figure in white tie evening dress for a while, and my recent art show gave me the perfect opportunity! I made his pantlegs wider than usual for a more 20’s look, as tapered dress pants a la the 30’s aren’t really my thing at the moment and I couldn’t get them to look right anyway. Besides being more suited for dancing, I much prefer the visual effect of the blocky wide leg. Anyone who’s familiar with the illustrations of John Held Jr. will know what I mean . . .

5 thoughts on “It never hurts to Dress Up a little bit

    1. Thank you! It was a local art and animation show here in Portland– my first, actually! As there was no particular theme, I came up with this fellow as the best representation of my style because I love all things formal. The other pieces I used were the “Formosa” posters from previous posts. Did that answer your question? 🙂

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